I began Cake & Kale Lifestyle to teach women that your worth is not your waist size.

See this little dumpling in the picture? That is me at 10 years old! Look at how happy I was. Totally rocking my chunk and my perm in what once was one of my absolute fav dresses!

Little did I know that ten years after this shot was taken I would be OBSESSED with food and my body. I would gain weight, lose weight, go bulimic, pray to get anorexia, fight orthorexia, fight to be fit and deem carbs the absolute devil. In my struggle to find myself, I lost myself. In my endless attempt to find acceptance from the world, I tossed aside all acceptance that I had for myself.

No more!

One day, I woke up. One day, I realized that my worth was not going to be determined by my waist size. That was when I finally started living MY life again. Not the version I felt I had to live. I took back my power. Stopped being so crazy around my food and my body. I got peace.

I have not looked back since!

I believe that dieting has stolen our ability to trust ourselves and thus has taken our power. It has caused great confusion around food and exercise. It has led us to think we have no idea what we are doing and so we rely on outside sources to tell us how to get where we want to go…and we fail. Not because we can not stick to the plan but because the plan was the wrong one to begin with.

Cake & Kale Lifestyle is about giving YOU back your power. It’s about helping you discover what is the very best plan of action for your personal bodies needs. It’s a lifestyle that takes ALL of one’s nourishment into play. Not just the foods we put into our mouths but the other ways we feed ourselves on a daily basis; our spirituality, career, relationships, finances, movement, health history.

Through such uniquely personal factors, the entire being is incorporated into a goal-oriented strategy designed specifically for your individual needs. No more feeling crazy around food. No more hating what you see in the mirror.


So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to discover your balance and enjoy your life!