I Used To Not Let Myself Drink Beer…Until One Day I Did: My Journey To A Healthier Body, One Brew At A Time


With it’s big frothy head and it’s rich caramel colors, beer is just delicious! For years I tried to tell myself otherwise. Beer was ranked high on my “no-no” list of things I allowed myself to eat or drink. Too many carbs! Too much bloating! It will give me a beer belly! It takes too […] Read more…

Vegging-Out: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Veggies!


  Getting in that daily dose of veggies can be super tough. Just having enough interesting vegetable recipes is a high hurdle for most of us busy gals to get over. It’s hard enough gathering ones with meat, LOL. When steamed broccoli or a bagged salad makes up the majority of your dinner side-dishes, it’s […] Read more…